The Mana

Old world sophistication with modern day sensibilities.

A great wine doesn't need anyone to make up a story about its character and qualities.  A truly great wine comes with its own story... and whispers it in your ear.

Welcome to the imaginative new world of Mana Story Wines.


The Wine

Wine as fine as a well-crafted simile.

Born from old world wisdom; set free of tradition, our finest Mana Story Wines marry generations of vintner wisdom with modern ingenuity, sophistication, tastes, and desires.

Passionate, professional storytellers by day and lovers of the vine by night, we started Mana Story Wines to set a new standard in what fine wine can say.

The Wine

The Story

There's a story behind every bottle.

Mana Story Wines is an exciting new publishing platform for storytellers. Each limited-edition run features a specially chosen storyteller and their flash-fiction story printed on the back. Every new edition of Mana Story Wines is your doorway to a new adventure; a new world.

"Our MISSION is to individually empower creative storytellers everywhere and inspire more artistic expression in the world!"
–Dedeker & Christopher, Co-Founders

Stories & publishing!



Wine and a story delivered to your door!

Every 3 months, receive limited editions of your member-select Mana Story Wines at a membership discount. Start building your Mana Story Wines collector's library today! Join "The Wine Guild" by Mana Story Wines.

Whatever you do... don't call it a "club."
"The Wine Guild"

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